Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the Hurricane

Hurricane Irene didn't hit us too hard, but she still managed to do some damage.

The morning after
Toppled Corn - I just staked these up and they were good as new. 
Tomato Trellises

We woke up yesterday morning dreading the task of rebuilding our tomato trellises (I think we're going to go about supporting our tomatoes a little differently next year, but that's a topic for another blog post). I envisioned spending the entire day cutting strings, dismantling broken pieces of wood and ripping out dead tomato plants. However, perhaps because our trellises are so delightfully wimpy, they all just fell over instead of breaking, and so did the tomato plants. All we had to do was stand them up and bang in metal U-posts to support the uprights. We were also lucky enough to have TONS of help. My dad was there, my friend Geeta (who's been helping us out a couple days a week) showed up with her boyfriend, Sam, our other dedicated volunteer, Fan, also arrived to help, and my cousin Blake was in town. With so many hands, the tomato trellises were raised in no time, and by 10 AM we were looking around for things to do!

Blake and Sam banging in some U-posts

An Old-Fashioned Trellis Raising

Waiting for U-Posts (and eating sungold tomatoes)

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