Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22nd

Black Brook Farm Growers 2012 CSA has been filled! We're all getting really excited for this year, and we've all got a lot to do to get ready. Our seeds have all arrived and we're going to start planting this week. My mom has been bravely tackling a fresh set of spreadsheets (in order to set up our planting and harvesting schedules), Dave and I are working on a new website that we're hoping launching this year and we're talking about cleaning out a section of the barn for our new CSA pick up spot. 

The sheep are all doing well and are (hopefully) pregnant. We started trimming their feet this week, which requires catching them and flipping them, not the easiest feat, especially when they're as large as this one:

Laurel: the sweetest sheep in the world
Carlisle Grows Green the new Carlisle School gardening and composting program has been nice enough to give us their compost. Yesterday Dave and I shoveled it into the hoop house, where the warmth will hopefully speed up it's progress.  

That's all for now! Pictures of our first little seedlings coming soon

...and just for fun. Last February 22nd:

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