Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Week

Those of you who live in the Massachusetts area can probably empathize with me when I say that this past week has been the absolute worst.

We woke up on Monday morning and realized almost immediately that there was no way we were going to be able to perform the final till on Wednesday, it was cold, rainy and dreary and - according to the weather report - there was no end in sight. Naturally, this realization was followed by a couple hours of moping, finger-pointing and rock-kicking. Why hadn't we paid attention to the weather report and tilled on Friday when it was still sunny and dry? What were we going to do all week in the mud and the rain? Was our summer harvest ruined by one poor decision? Was it a poor decision? What was worse, to till too soon and face the weeds or to be planting our field at the very end of May? And what to do with all those crazy two month old tomato plants overrunning the greenhouse????

Well I'm writing now to say, we did it! We slogged through the muddy, rainy week and now we're pulling ourselves out the other side alive and well (except for a couple of chickens - but that's a story for another post). We planted some more in the kitchen garden, did some Spring cleaning, built a shelter for the pigs and got the tomato plants outside where they're hardening off. Now we're glued to the weather report  hoping it's going to dry out in the next couple of days so we can get our fields up and running and our transplants in the ground. Who knows if we made the "right" decision, or if there even is a "right" decision, but we're forging ahead.

And as the weather improves, so do our moods. I see sun so I've got to get outside, but here are some pictures. 

We're using a couple empty raised beds to keep tomato plants outside. We have wire hoops ready if we need to tarp them against the cold at night.

Flower transplants

Building the pig shelter

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